It’s May already?!?

Holy Moly….time flies when you’re building a new life for yourself. I’ve been beating myself up for my failure as a regular blogger and for being so utterly behind on emails, etc. (over 2000 unread messages between 3 email accounts and FB, merde), but enough with that. I’ve been overwhelmed starting a new job and then … Continue reading

New EP Photographie Blog: Laetitia & Marc’s Wedding

A long overdue post for my dear friends’, Laetitia & Marc, wedding! Click here. Check out my Photography Blog and Website Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter    

Bonne Année 2011

Temps passé à Washington, D.C. (Time Spent in Washington, D.C.): 10 jours (10 days) Well, I did it! I got myself and Pete, the cat, on the plane and made it to our new home. I would like to say that it was easy and smooth, but I cannot. It would just be a lie. … Continue reading

On my way…

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Needed: Second-hand Bookshop in D.C.

Le compte à rebours jusqu’à je pars (Countdown until I leave): 1 week, 3 days I was wandering around this evening with Jack, my college roommate that is visiting this week, and after visiting Notre-Dame de Paris (oh, lady, I’ll miss you), we moseyed on over to Shakespeare & Co. English Bookshop. Jack loves quirky … Continue reading


Countdown until décollage (take off): 1 week, 4 days Engrish is not just a Chinese phenomenon. Saw this little gem at Starbucks today. I get my kicks on an almost daily basis by bad translations in France on menus, advertisements, and movie subtitles. Although, the translations in Chinese restaurants in France take the cake by far. … Continue reading

Open Sesame

Countdown until le grand déménagement (the big move/relocation): 1 week, 5 days I’m becoming acutely cognizant of some of the things I love in my day-to-day life here in Paris. It’s like I have hyper-awareness of everything and everyone around me at the moment. I love digicodes. I smile every single time I enter my … Continue reading

Foreign Capital

Leaving: Paris, France Moving to: Washington, D.C. Countdown: 1 week, 6 days The Blog: A written love letter to Paris and the equivilant to a juvenile promise ring to D.C. As I say au revoir (until we see each other again) to Paris and celebrate what I love about this city and why, I plan … Continue reading